Why training in surgery matters

Training matters.



Andre Agassi was committed to  hitting 1 million tennis balls each year, because his father told him, “numbers don’t lie”. A child who hits one million balls each year will be unbeatable.” During his career as a tennis athlete, he trained by running in the LA desert with his coach and spent countless hours in the gym.


The Olympic champion, swims 5 hour each day, Monday through Saturday. On odd days, in addition to her swimming routine she adds a few hours of muscle toning at the gym and ends it with a session of stretching.


The day of this Olympic champion used to begin at 9 AM when she would go to the swimming pool to train for an hour and a half with a facilitating platform and dry trampoline. She would later come back to the pool, where she would train all afternoon untill 6.30 pm. Tania also added hours of training at the gym where she lifted weights and strength exercises.


This Jamaican athlete, said he used to train 6-7 days a week for three hours each day. His training routine includes plyometric training mix (exercises to develop muscle power), weights, all types of jumping, squats, push-ups in suspension, lunges with the dumbbell, abdominal and trunk muscle strengthening, without neglecting upper limb training.

As a runner, a good part of his training hours is focused on core stability (keeping balance on the move).


Cristiano Ronaldo has a severe training schedule, where he works out seven days per week: Cardio activities, tread-mill, push-ups, pull-ups, abdominals, lunges and lunges with dumbbells on odd day. On even day, he has a lighter routine training.


These are a few examples of athlete’s training routines. They continue to hone their skills with passion and sacrifice every-day to become a champion.

Right now, even during this time when the Olympic games, championships, and races have been delayed due to the virus, athletes continue their training in their homes.  Their motivation and dedication, helps them avoid the "detraining phenomenon", and to stay healthy and fit. Some of them, in their videos posted on social media, say that they don’t want to stop, they can’t stop.

Why for a surgeon should this be any different?  As a champion in your clinic and operating room your hard-earned skills are important to the world and to your patients.

There's no better way to practice and condition your talents than with a Dexter™ training model. 

You have amazing skills built on experience, practice and continuous improvement. Dexter™ wants to help you keep it that way and, maybe, it allows you to develop some new ideas, your winning ace or shot, while practicing!

“Numbers don’t lie”.


Matteo Mantovani
Technical Director, CEO




Medical Sales College purchased some Dexter™ Training Models to help teach their sports medicine students. They currently have 12 campuses throughout the US where they provide 12 week courses to train potential medical device representatives.

It was great to see students attending the Medical Sales College medicine course, enjoying training while using the Dexter™ Shoulder Training Model!


Dexter Shoulder Model

  • Easy set-up
  • Portable: includes a durable carrying case
  • NO arthroscopic tower needed
  • Connects to any laptop computer
  • A realistic and cadaver equivalent training tool
  • Realistic feel
  • Excellent soft tissue simulation
  • “Beach chair” or “lateral” use
  • Arthroscopic or mini open simulation
  • Realistic skin with scalpel and cannula adaptable
  • Removable skin
  • Professional scope available


Medical Sales College

Medical Sales College is the only licensed and regulated college in the world with an emphasis on medical device sales education. We specialize in the placement of a non-traditional candidate (no device experience) into the lucrative and exciting field of medical device sales. With over 1,600 placements and a success rate of over 95% for our available graduates, the Medical Sales College can make a dream quickly become a reality.

Workshop in shoulder arthroscopy thanks to the Dexter shoulder training model


It's a privilege for us at NCS to make a contribution to medicine and progress thanks to our DEXTER device.

The Dexter Training Model is a mobile, realistic and cost-effective tool designed to help improve surgical skills and confidence for surgeons and trainees. It is designed to replicate live surgery without the stress and concern for patient welfare.

Dr. Pol Huijsmans Orthopedic surgeon at Bergman Clinics hold a workshop for his staff in shoulder arthroscopy. He said on LinkedIn:

"Workshop for our OR staff in shoulder arthroscopy. Assisting shoulder arthoscopy can be difficult, especially orientation in the shoulder and positioning of the camera. Thanks to the Dexter shoulder trainingsmodel (made by NCS ) we can train our staff and ourselves, anytime anywhere."

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NCS is proud to announce the official launch of the Dexter™ shoulder training model. "Dexter™ shoulder is the first of many simulators we are bringing to the market with the aim of providing a realistic tool that can be used by both beginning and experienced surgeons alike" according to Matteo Mantovani, Technical Director and CEO of NCS. "Our development team was charged with developing a simulator that replicated the tactile and visual aspects of human anatomy, and we believe they have exceeded all expectations."

The Dexter™ shoulder  provides a realistic physical model that can be used as a starting point for students to learn basic skills and for experienced surgeons to  practice and perfect new procedures and techniques.

At NCS we consider training to be a fundamental part of creating value by helping to  shorten the learning curve and to avoid potential problems for surgeons and patients alike.

Dexter™ is an affordable option that is available to everyone.  Training can take place anyplace and anytime, in the comfort of their home and whenever there is time.  The disposable anatomical parts allow for endless uses and provides an economical way to improve skills and techniques.

NCS continues its track record of successful medical device development with an impressive foray into the surgical training and simulator field.  We see this as a giant leap in our effort towards bringing innovation and  value to our very important customers .