NCS is proud to announce the official launch of the Dexter™ shoulder training model. “Dexter™ shoulder is the first of many simulators we are bringing to the market with the aim of providing a realistic tool that can be used by both beginning and experienced surgeons alike” according to Matteo Mantovani, Technical Director and CEO of NCS. “Our development team was charged with developing a simulator that replicated the tactile and visual aspects of human anatomy, and we believe they have exceeded all expectations.”

The Dexter™ shoulder  provides a realistic physical model that can be used as a starting point for students to learn basic skills and for experienced surgeons to  practice and perfect new procedures and techniques.

At NCS we consider training to be a fundamental part of creating value by helping to  shorten the learning curve and to avoid potential problems for surgeons and patients alike.

Dexter™ is an affordable option that is available to everyone.  Training can take place anyplace and anytime, in the comfort of their home and whenever there is time.  The disposable anatomical parts allow for endless uses and provides an economical way to improve skills and techniques.

NCS continues its track record of successful medical device development with an impressive foray into the surgical training and simulator field.  We see this as a giant leap in our effort towards bringing innovation and  value to our very important customers .