“Shoulder surgery can be challenging. Proper training to master the skills for shoulder arthroscopy is therefore extremely important. Especially for residents or assistents it is difficult to learn during real live surgery and exposure to cadaver training is limited. With the Dexter trainingmodel surgeons and their assistents can train themselves without any risk for the patient and as often as they want. The model mimics real anatomy and with a true 30-degree arthroscope it has the same feeling of normal shoulder arthroscopy but with always a perfect vision. Assistents can get used to camera positioning, making portals and assisting with grasping sutures or tissue. Residents or experienced surgeons can easily train themselves to master new techniques. Once they have trained a technique on the Dexter, it will be much easier and safer to perform the surgery in a real patient. Training on saw bones is often too simple, and does not include making the right portals, viewing with a 30 degree scope and bony parts such as the acromion that can be in the way. Because it has a real skin, one cannot see what is in side, so looking at the monitor is the only way to practice, like in real artrhoscopy.

The Dexter trainings model can be used anywhere in combination with a monitor or even on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. This even makes it possible to use it at home in a relaxed environment in your free time. My staff thought is was extremely helpful for them to learn assisting shoulder arthroscopy. It comes with different parts and these can easily be exchanged (humerus/glenoid/skin/deltoid). The arm can be postioned in different degrees of abduction and internal or xternal rotation. I would say that a training device like the Dexter is a must for every center where residents or fellows are trained and for clinics where they want to train their staff properly. Also for companies that want to have surgeons to get used to their technique before using it in real surgery.”

Dr. Pol Huijsmans

Orthopedic surgeon
Bergman Clinics


“Dexter Training Model is really an interesting tool that fills the gap in training that students, fellows and unexperienced surgeons have once they try new techniques or devices.

A realistic experience that make the learning process and easy and enjoyable experience. This is something we were waiting for.”

Prof. Giuseppe Porcellini

Orthopedic surgeon
Policlinico of Modena Hospital