Medical Sales College purchased some Dexter™ Training Models to help teach their sports medicine students. They currently have 12 campuses throughout the US where they provide 12 week courses to train potential medical device representatives.

It was great to see students attending the Medical Sales College medicine course, enjoying training while using the Dexter™ Shoulder Training Model!


Dexter Shoulder Model

  • Easy set-up
  • Portable: includes a durable carrying case
  • NO arthroscopic tower needed
  • Connects to any laptop computer
  • A realistic and cadaver equivalent training tool
  • Realistic feel
  • Excellent soft tissue simulation
  • “Beach chair” or “lateral” use
  • Arthroscopic or mini open simulation
  • Realistic skin with scalpel and cannula adaptable
  • Removable skin
  • Professional scope available


Medical Sales College

Medical Sales College is the only licensed and regulated college in the world with an emphasis on medical device sales education. We specialize in the placement of a non-traditional candidate (no device experience) into the lucrative and exciting field of medical device sales. With over 1,600 placements and a success rate of over 95% for our available graduates, the Medical Sales College can make a dream quickly become a reality.